the throwing back

Sometimes it takes us a long time to begin the journey in ourselves. We have time to manage our daily acticties, but we forget to give time to the core of our spirits.

Then that moment come, when you embrace yourself for an illness or another bad experience, when you step out of the presence of the visual world ,when you lose the track of their time, finding yourself guiding you own, staring, thinking, of the changes that happened, since your last laugh.

i wouldn’t call it a tragedy, even though, alone, you live around the walls, carying the heavy thoughts of the future of your studies, your health, your plans… Because after all, this is the moment to prove who you are, to throw everything behind you, to regain a fresh, strong part of yours.

It could be painful if it takes a long time, but here i am, lost interest in my joys, living deeply with my heart and mind melodies out from the world’s burden.

I was mistaken beliving in the fantaisies of the world, but here is the truth, you live your life the way you want, it is your slave!

Believe in yourself, believe in you dreams; who you are. Make yourself always as a priority and never trust what comes from others, even the closest one, because they maybe be the one that will hurt you more.



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