New start;


Everything has a start, and here is the start of my blog.

I’ve been a book lover, had diaries, discovered new blogs, enjoyed  some vloggers, and it was all about sharing. It’s incredible how the world is turning in the same rate, same trajectory, but the time is passing, in different flavors , seeing it from different regions, at the same moment . You have to be  “omniprésent” to enjoy that diversity!

Once you allow your imagination to discover that space, you leave the world behind you to live the real place where you meant to be… by curiosity, or just escaping!

And where there is a “reading” subject,  there is “writing” . You just can’t let all those thoughts escape, you want to lock them on paper, safe from the outer world, then every paper will become a character, drawing slowly that great friend that will stay in your company, loyal and always ready to listen to your whispers.

So this is  going to be a new journey to go on through, I’m excited to be able for the first to open up to new people, and hope you all will enjoy.

Much love.


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